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Why Everyone’s Eyelash Extensions Look Different

November 2, 2018

Lash extensions are not one size fits all- in fact, after a proper and thorough consultation, your lash tech will apply a set of lashes that are totally unique to you!

Your lash tech will use your eye and face shape as well as the length and thickness of your natural lashes to determine the best set of extensions for you. This is not as simple as choosing a set out of a drawer, though!

There are several factors that go into the final look of a lash extension: length, curl, and thickness. This specific combination, which is unique to every tech and client, is why everyone’s lash extensions look different.

Let’s look at these different factors:

LENGTH: Lash extensions come in a range of lengths, most commonly from 7mm all the way to 14mm and longer.

Short lashes would fall in the 6mm to 8mm range.

Medium length lashes are generally 9mm to 12mm.

Long Lashes would be those measuring 13mm to 14mm.

And there’s always room for something more…Extra long lash extensions can be 15mm or longer on natural lashes that can safely support this length!

Your lash technician will determine the appropriate mix of lengths to use for your lashes during your consult; for example, extra long lashes adhered to naturally short lashes will weigh on the natural lash after a while, which can result in droopy looking lashes.

Too long of a lash extension can also damage the natural lash and follicle, so it’s important that your lash tech chooses a look that is appropriate for your natural lashes.

As a general rule of thumb, lash extensions should not touch your glasses or your eyebrows, and you should never feel like you’re wearing them – if you do, they might be too long!

CURL: Lash extensions come in a variety of curls, which can be used by the lash tech to create different looks.

They also vary in their suitability for different types of natural lashes, which means it’s important that your lash tech chooses a curl that will work with the curl of your natural lash.

J Curl is rarely used in the industry; it’s almost straight with a slight curl, like a lowercase “j”.  I personally have never use this curl. 

B Curl is the next curl up, and gives just a little more curl when looking straight on.  I rarely use this curl since it’s less curly than many people’s natural lashes.

C curl gives a more classic, wide-eyed look, and is suitable for anyone that doesn’t have naturally pin-straight lashes.

D curl is a step curlier than the C curl, and can be used on natural lashes that have quite a bit of natural curl already, or to give straight lashes more of a lift, creating an eye-opening effect.

L curl is shaped kind of like the letter L, and gives a beautiful lift to super straight and downward-pointing natural lashes.  This is one of my favorite curls to use.

In most cases, your lash tech will select a blend of lashes that best suits your natural lashes and eye shape. They will also take into account the look you are going for, whether that’s natural, cat-eyed, or a doll-like look.

THICKNESS: Just as the length and curl of your lash extensions must work with your natural lashes, the thickness of your lash extensions must also complement your natural look.

If you have thin natural lashes then a heavier lash extension is simply not appropriate – it could damage your lash or follicle and leave you with even less lashes than you started with!

A good lash tech will always examine the natural state of your lashes before selecting the appropriate extensions and make sure that your natural lash can support the weight of the extension.

Now that you know what goes into a set of lash extensions, you’ll be better prepared to ask questions and ensure you’re getting the best result possible from your extensions. At LASH’D, I am proud to provide knowledgeable and professional service to my clients.

Have any lash-related questions for me?  Drop me a comment below.

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