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Noel Hines Avatar

5 star rating   Amanda has been doing my lashes for about a year and a half now. She has always been so professional and knowledgeable. I've learnt so... read more

Noel Hines 3/27/2019
Serena P. Avatar

5 star rating   Amanda is amazing at what she does! Her quality of work is also incredible! I Would definitely recommend her to anyone!

Serena P. 10/10/2017
reegan gill Avatar

5 star rating   Awesome service!! I am so in love with my lashes:)

reegan gill 12/27/2017 MUR94z#3 Avatar

5 star rating   I had extensions from another studio for the first time and was not happy with the outcome. I found Lash'd online and read every review.... read more MUR94z#3 6/21/2018
Mila Amendolagine Avatar

5 star rating   I am quite smitten. Amanda is a hidden jewel of the lash industry. She is not only a very talented technician but also simply a... read more

Mila Amendolagine 9/08/2017
Porsha B Avatar

5 star rating   MY first experience with eyelash extensions in Canada and I wish I had done it sooner. VERY professional, very comfortable! Amanda explained the whole process... read more

Porsha B 2/22/2018

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Had my extensions done as a one off for a vacation, was so impressed I have been back three times and will continue to have the fills done.
So easy to maintain and so really looking.
Amanda is incredible.

Winifred Buschner


I had previous eyelash extensions that required a very long recovery process for my natural lashes but I love the look of long, thick lashes. Amanda was very patient (very very patient) with my concerns. We started with a classic set and worked our way through hybrid to volume and I’ve never looked back. I got so many compliments! I recommend Amanda to anyone that comments on my lashes.

Christine McLenan

Absolutely love going to Amanda

Absolutely love going to Amanda for my lashes. I was referred to her by a friend about 5 months ago when I had a not so great experience elsewhere. She fixed my lashes up and made them look amazing! I’ve been going to her ever since. I wont go anywhere else. 🙂 <3

Ana Prior


Hey! I just wanted to thank you for my amazzzing lashes!! Such a difference from my last couple experiences. Your professionalism and attention to detail are remarkable. Also, I LOVED my little goodie bag!! You’re so generous!! So many fun things to play with. I was so tired the night I saw you and was thinking of messaging you to see what brush you recommended to buy if I wear eye liner.. and then I looked in my bag and there it was! Thank you.


So many compliments

Hey Amanda!!  I LOVE my lashes!  (Already received a ton of compliments and recommended you to everyone that will listen).  Thanks again!

Lauren S.

Love my lashes

Hey, love my lashes!  I know it’s only been a week but they still look like they were just done yesterday.  Btw I really liked the little gift bag thing I got from you.

Chloe L.

No blotchy ugly mascara

When Amanda first did my eyelashes, I had no pre-conceived expectations other than “let’s try this” and see what happens. Wellll…how pleasantly surprised I was to find out how easy it was, terrific looking and how in the end it my life a bit simpler. No more blotchy ugly Mascara, which I would do my best to apply in poor lighting and without my glasses….impossible. Now with the eyelash extensions, it is a few small brush strokes to them and “a way I go” and look great to boot!

Lynda P.

Amanda is professional & knowledgeable!

I love coming here!  Amanda does such an amazing job!  She is so professional and knowledgeable.  I was a bit nervous the first time I went for extensions because I wasn’t sure what to expect, but she set my mind at ease by explaining everything.   The effect was so dramatic and the atmosphere so relaxing that I really look forward to going back in for fills.  I follow Amanda’s care recommendations to the letter, and the extensions always last really well.  They aren’t heavy like glue-on lashes, and look natural but really make your eyes pop. The best part is how quickly I can do my makeup in the morning now.  My eyes already look great when I get out of bed!

Kathy R.

No more mascara

I am impressed by the quality  and durability of these lashes. I am not very gentle with my lashes and they have stood up to eye makeup application and removal and the tugging endured while putting in and taking out my contacts.  I don’t feel I have anything on my eye lashes until I look in the mirror and and see the thick and long lashes that don’t even require mascara.   Thank you!

Trisha L.

Can’t believe how light they are!

I decided to give lash extensions another try after a not so positive experience in Mexico.  Amanda took the time to go over my past experience with me and explain the quality materials and glues she uses to assure my satisfaction.

We got started and I was impressed with the comfort of the mobile bed and the very relaxing atmosphere. I was told I fell asleep!

These lashes are definitely a confidence booster when you don’t want to wear a lot of makeup. I was so impressed on how light and natural they feel. They give my eyes some drama without being too over the top!

I will have to adjust my face cleaning and makeup routine to keep them healthy looking between fills with the essential care products I purchased!

Thanks Amanda!

Brenda N.

Love it!

I recently had my eye lashes done by a wonderful tech named Amanda Rogers.  I love the dramatic lash look she was able to achieve.  Very pleased with the outcome.  I would definitely recommend her.  Great job!

Mina J.

Cares about the health of my natural lashes

Highly recommend! 10/10!! Had never been to Amanda for extensions, had her remove my old extensions which had broken my real lashes because the extensions I had were too heavy for my natural lashes.  The removal was pain free! I was totally surprised, I was expecting a few tugs and some pain. The lashes she recommended are wonderful. Even though I now had very tiny lashes to work with, which were growing out straight, she did an amazing job! She explained to me what had happened to my own lashes, and I have always liked the longer lashes on myself, the ones that she put on were actually a good length that I do like, and they are not too heavy for my own lashes, so I shouldn’t have that problem again. I found Amanda to be informative, and patient, and explained as she went along! I have found someone that cares about my lashes, does a great job, and doesn’t rush me through the process.
Thanks again for making me beautiful again!!!

Joanne M.