Cares about the health of my natural lashes

March 1, 2016

Highly recommend! 10/10!! Had never been to Amanda for extensions, had her remove my old extensions which had broken my real lashes because the extensions I had were too heavy for my natural lashes. ย The removal was pain free! I was totally surprised, I was expecting a few tugs and some pain. The lashes she recommended are wonderful. Even though I now had very tiny lashes to work with, which were growing out straight, she did an amazing job! She explained to me what had happened to my own lashes, and I have always liked the longer lashes on myself, the ones that she put on were actually a good length that I do like, and they are not too heavy for my own lashes, so I shouldn’t have that problem again. I found Amanda to be informative, and patient, and explained as she went along! I have found someone that cares about my lashes, does a great job, and doesn’t rush me through the process.
Thanks again for making me beautiful again!!!