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Senior stylist vs Junior stylist – What’s the difference?

October 27, 2018

What’s the difference between a senior lash stylist and a junior lash stylist?

The title of Junior vs Senior boils down to experience in the industry, number of certifications, length of time with Lash’d, variety of services offered and depth of specialization in these services.

Junior techs have at least Classic lash certification through a reputable company.

As junior stylists build their skill and muscle memory, they may need more time to complete a set or do a fill.  Proficiency in any skill comes with practice!  It’s most important to maintain proper application than rush through a set.

Pricing of various services reflect’s the stylist’s experience and efficiency.

You can read our stylist bios here for more information on their services and qualifications.

What do junior stylists and senior stylists do the same at Lash’d?

Consultations are key to ensuring that the service provider and client have the same expectations and that the skill set is adequate.  Every new client gets a personalized consultation before their appointment from a junior tech or a senior tech.

The application products used are consistent regardless of the experience level of the stylist.

A discussion on aftercare will also be done to ensure the client knows how to care for their lashes at home.

When they begin with Lash’d, Junior lash stylists may have senior lash techs oversee their work or do a quality check at the end of the appointment to ensure high standards of lash application are met.  In the end, the title of junior or senior represents experience and efficiency – not quality!


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