Heated Eyelash Curler


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The perfect solution for perfectly curled lashes!

Give your lashes and eyelash extensions a stunning curve in just a few minutes! As opposed to a mechanic eyelash curler, this heated eyelash curler wonโ€™t damage your natural lashes or extensions.

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Remove the cap. Turn on the eyelash curler to position 1 to heat up or position 2 to add the LED light. Allow around 60 to 90 seconds for the element to heat up and for the tip to completely change color. Run the eyelash curler through the lashes of the upper eyelid and gently lift the lashes while smoothing them. Leave the heated eyelash curler in place in the middle of the lashes for 10 seconds before removing it. Repeat until desired effect is achieved. After use, push the activation button back to position 0.

*Prior to first use, the plastic shield covering the battery must be removed.


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