Five Ways to Know You’ve Found a Great Lash Tech

September 2, 2017

Lash extensions are all the rage, but it can be intimidating finding someone you trust to work on something as important as your eyes! You might have heard horror stories of allergic reactions, seen terrible lash work on someone you know, or just be downright nervous to have someone put anything anywhere near your eyes.

Whatever the issue, there are places out there who take their work very seriously and pride themselves on professional, safe, and meticulous work. I like to think LASH’d is one of those!

As always, I want you to be informed and happy with your lashes – so today I’m sharing Five Ways to Know You’ve Found A Great Lash Tech.

1) A great lash tech will always take the time for a one-on-one consultation with you.

This consultation is SO important. A good lash tech needs to know the look you want to achieve and determine proper styling for your eye shape and face. Maybe you want to enhance some desirable features or distract from something you’re not crazy about. Regardless, this consultation is the time a lash tech needs to determine those things!

2) A great lash tech NEVER overloads the natural lashes.

Overloading your natural lash can cause breakage, discomfort, and irritation. This is a huge no-no! Your lash tech should carefully consider your natural lash and what it can handle before deciding on the most appropriate application for you.

3) A great lash tech ALWAYS properly isolates the natural lash.

Failing to isolate natural lashes is a major error in lash extension application. Lash extensions are applied to individual natural lashes using a special adhesive. That means if the lash is not isolated properly, your natural lashes can get stuck together. This causes discomfort, irritation, and decreases retention- not to mention it doesn’t look good!

4) Great lash techs never sacrifice quality for speed.

A full set of classic lash extensions should take a minimum of 75 minutes and can take up to two hours. Generally speaking, 60 to 75 minutes is appropriate for a two-three week fill – or longer, if the client’s natural lashes are dense! The time it takes to apply properly done lash extensions is part of the price that you pay for your new lashes, so beware of ultra cheap lash extensions for this reason. If someone is charging you a lower price to spend 45 minutes on your lash extensions, you’re going to get what you pay for – chances are that is not going to be perfect lashes!

5) A full set of lash extensions from a great lash tech is a true FULL set.

What does that mean? It means that every natural lash has an extension applied to it. Not only does this look better, it’s what you should expect when you’re dropping cash on your lashes!

Do you have a great lash tech?  Want one?  Contact me or book an appointment online!

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