3 reasons why EyEnvy is the best lash & brow growth serum

April 22, 2020

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When you need to give your lashes a break from extensions

Let’s face it – we all miss having lash extensions during this COVID19 shutdown in Coquitlam and the rest of BC. As we maintain a safe distance from each other in the lash and beauty industry, many clients ask what they can do to enhance their natural lashes until we can start lashing again. Enter EyEnvy.

EyEnvy contains a special formulation of peptides (the building blocks of protein). One of these peptides specifically signals the follicle to produce more keratin (the main protein that makes up hair). It has other great conditioning ingredients in it that boost thickness and strength of the natural lash as well.

Here are three reasons why our lash clients love EyEnvy:

  1. EyEnvy can be used with or without lash extensions. Now that we have to say bye to our extensions for the time being and grow out our natural lashes, EyEnvy is the perfect interim treatment to get longer, fuller lashes until clients can see their lash techs again. When you are able to get lashed again, you can continue using EyEnvy as a maintenance treatment to really get the most from your lash investment.
  2. It works! There’s a reason why we’ve sold hundreds of tubes of EyEnvy. The vast majority of users have seen a dramatic difference in their lashes since using the product when using it as directed. Typically improvement of natural lashes & visible results begins in 4-6 weeks. Pair it with the EyEnvy Mascara for a double whammy for your lashes. Individual results may vary from person to person. 
  3. You can use it on your brows too. If you wish your brows were a bit thicker & darker, try brushing the EyEnvy onto your brows. So many of our clients use it on both their lashes and brows with amazing results.

Eyelash growth serums are one of those beauty products that almost seem too good to be true. EyEnvy is a rare exception that you’ll only find in salons and spas, sold by beauty professionals who stand by this great product.

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