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Lashucation Products

What you need to know about eyelash growth serums and EyEnvy

January 2, 2019

Eyelash serums are one of those beauty products that almost seem too good to be true. Sure, there are plenty of temporary solutions to short lashes, but growing thick natural hairs naturally is the ideal option. Unfortunately, most of the eyelash serums you find in the store won’t do anything. Eyelash enhancers work either of the two ways: One, by making sure that the eyelash follicle’s growth phase…

Lashucation Products

4 Reasons Why a Lash Growth Serum like EyEnvy is a Good Idea

December 3, 2018

A question I get asked all the time is “Should I use an eyelash growth serum with my extensions?” And the answer is a resounding YES! I absolutely recommend a lash growth serum while wearing extensions. When you spend good money on a service you want to protect that investment right? 1. Protect the investment in your lash extensions. You’ll not think twice about spending money on high…