We are a team of like-minded lash artists whose place in the industry is shaped by the desire to create bespoke lashes for women who value specialization, skill, quality and highly personalized service.   Our mission is to create effortless beauty for every woman.

We don’t pump out fast lashes or think of our clients as transactions.  We realize that trust and loyalty are earned – and we aim to make every client feel at ease and confident in their decision of choosing Lash’d.

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to lash extensions; every set needs to be designed specifically for each client. This is why we provide an individualized consultation to every client to determine the best lengths, curls and thicknesses to use in order to create the most flattering, drop-dead-gorgeous look.  Every set of eyes is unique; and so every set of lashes should be too!

We also practice damage-free eyelash extension application using professional materials and techniques that will guarantee your natural lash health in the long term.

The Lash’d studio has been inspected and approved by Fraser Health and operates under the BC Ministry of Health’s guidelines to ensure client safety and hygiene.

We fully believe in cruelty-free eyelash extensions and only use lashes made with synthetic materials which mimic the look and feel of real hair but avoid the inhumane methods used in harvesting animal fur.  After all, beauty should never come at the cost of your health or liberty of other animals.

Meet the Mavens


1.  an expert or connoisseur.
“lash mavens”

Amanda Rogers


Owner, Lash’d Eyelash Design

Senior Lash Stylist

Lash obsessed.

Hello!  My name is Amanda and I am the founder of Lash’d Eyelash Design.  I created this company out of a need to provide a highly specialized lash extension service to women in the Tri-Cities and surrounding areas of the Lower Mainland.

I am certified in Classic application through Canadian company Misencil, and in Russian Volume application through UK-based Eyelash Excellence.   In October of 2018 I was certified in Mega Volume through LashboxLA.  And for those who prefer lash lifts, I am certified in lash lifting & tinting with the Australian beauty company Elleebana.

I am available by appointment only so please contact me directly or book online using the button below to arrange your set of bespoke eyelash extensions today.

Tracy Adina


Owner, Adina Lash & Beauty

Senior Lash Stylist

Lash & beauty officianado.

Hello. My name is Tracy, and I am the owner and lash artist of Adina Lash & Beauty. I’m here to create the lashes of your dreams while keeping them beautiful and healthy. My vision for this company is to provide clients with long lasting, stunningly crafted lashes. With this goal in mind, we are dedicated in continually attending advanced training to keep up with the latest and the best in the lash industry.

Currently, we have earned an array of 7 beauty certificates which includes various lashing techniques and a business accelerator to better understand our clients’ needs. With every service, we bring a background of multiple lashing techniques from several top industry trainers.

During service we use a specialized technique that allows us to guarantee the quality and integrity of our lash sets. Now imagine walking out of your appointment with the peace of mind that your lashes will last until they naturally shed. At the end of the day, our job is to make you, our valued client, feel good and beautiful.


Classic Lash Extension Application – MARIIA KOTOVA, PRIVATE TRAINING

Volume Lash Extension Application – SUGARLASH PRO

Mega Volume Lash Extension Application and Eyelid Lifting – RAYDIANCE LASH ARTISTRY

Lash Lift & Tint – THE LASH SHOP

Business Accelerator – SUGARLASH PRO

Henna Brows – MINX BROWS

Body Sugaring – SUGAR OF THE NILE

Advanced Lash Artistry (Jan 2020) – REVOLÄSHION