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7 Lash Extension Myths that Just Aren’t True

December 2, 2017

With the huge popularity of lash extensions, there’s a whole lot of information floating around that could easily confuse anyone who isn’t a trained lash tech.

I hear a lot of false information about lash extensions, so today I’m breaking down 7 Lash Extension Myths that Just Aren’t True.

Myth #1: Lash Extensions Are Supposed to Last 5-6 Weeks

This is absolutely false. In truth, this is called “false retention” and is achieved by gluing lashes together side-by-side so that they are force to stay on the lash line. This is incredibly unhealthy and can irreparably damage your natural lashes. Lash extensions should fall out as your natural lash sheds- a full growth cycle is about 60-90 days.

Myth #2: Lash Extensions Damage Your Natural Lashes and Can Be Dangerous for Your Eyes

Many people are concerned that lash extensions will cause their natural lashes to break or fall out; this simply is not true. Properly applied lash extensions do not damage the natural lash whatsoever and will fall out as your natural lashes shed. There is no danger to your eyesight or eyes from lash extensions, however, in extremely rare cases an allergic reaction can occur. For this reason, I recommend a patch test for those getting lash extensions for the first time before a special event.

Myth #3: A Faster Lash Tech is a Better Lash Tech

This is another one that’s totally false. Professionally done lash extensions are applied one by one to natural lashes, which are properly isolate by the lash tech before application. A full set of lash extensions involves applying an extension or fan of extensions to every single lash; this can not be rushed and should take from 75-120 minutes.

Myth #4: Mink and Silk Lash Extensions Are Made of Natural Fibres

With the exception of real mink fur extensions, which I talk about here(link to blog 1), lash extensions are synthetic. They are made of a plastic called PCB and the look and style of the lash dictates whether the manufacturer labels the lash Mink or Silk. That being said, Mink and Silk mean different things to different manufacturers, which is why you want to use a professional lash tech that knows her product.

Myth #5: Real Mink Lash Extensions Are the Best Quality

There are several issues with real mink fur lashes. First and foremost, they are not cruelty free like synthetic lashes. Mink fur is a controversial ethical issue, and real fur extensions are simply unnecessary. Not only are they unethical, they also lose their curl over time and can become unsightly. Synthetic lash extensions are extremely high quality and look 100% real.

Myth #6: You Need to Take Breaks From Lash Extensions

Since properly applied lash extensions do not affect your natural lash, there is no real reason to “take a break.” Your natural lashes will continue to grow and shed as normal with the extensions attached, just as long as the lash tech has properly isolated your natural lashes and not used lashes of an inappropriate length or thickness.

Myth #7: Eyelash Extensions Are Uncomfortable

Bottom line: if your lash extensions are bothering you, they were not applied properly. You should not feel any tugging, pulling, or irritation after the appointment. Some people feel a mild burning sensation for a few minutes after the adhesive is applied, but this should subside quickly. Lash extensions should also not hurt to have applied. Many of my LASH’d clients are so relaxed during their service that they fall asleep!

Do you have any lash myths you want busted? Drop me a line in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer questions in future blog posts!

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