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5 Frequently Asked Questions I Hear A Lot!

February 2, 2019

Do you fill other lash tech’s work?

I can fill other techs’ work! I welcome you to find out what sets Lash’d apart from the rest. During your appointment, I will briefly assess your current extensions. I will advise the best approach – either to fill or remove and apply a full set – depending on the quality of your current set. After all, it’s all about the integrity of your lash line! To book your fill, click on Services & Booking and select your fill type under the section “Lash Fill – From Another Salon”.

How do I take care of my new extensions?

All new clients take home a lash swag bag to help maintain their lashes.  I also offer a selection of Canadian-made aftercare products from Misencil which will help prolong the life of the extensions.  During your appointment we can discuss the best lash-care regimen for you based on your current routine and beauty products.  I also provide new clients with aftercare instructions which you can also find on this website here.

How often do I need to come back for a fill?

The short answer is it depends!  The long answer is it depends on your lash growth cycle and your aftercare routine.  Let me explain…

The first component is growth cycle.  The faster your lashes grow and shed (typically this cycle is 60-90 days), the sooner you’ll need a fill.  Just like for manicures – the faster nails grow out, the sooner you’ll need a new manicure!  Everyone is different.

The second component is aftercare.  Oil-based products, excessive touching of lashes, failure to keep them clean, sleeping on your face or hot yoga are all big reasons why extensions wont last.  Heed your lash tech’s advice on aftercare to make sure you’re getting the best mileage from your extensions.

Can I still wear makeup?

This one is tricky because it is true that the less makeup you use, the longer the extensions should last.  However, there are makeup products that are “extension friendly” such as our Canadian-made mascara or eyeliner by Misencil.  I personally use both and they’re amazing products even without extensions.

Mascara should never be used to coat all of your lashes & extensions.  Some women do still like to wear it on their bottom lashes, or to touch up inner/outer corners which tend to shed extensions faster.

And don’t even try to use strip lashes – you will ruin your extensions!  Unless it’s for a one-off special occasion like a wedding, strip lashes just aren’t worth it.

The bottom line is, if your makeup contains oil it WILL affect your lash retention.  So make sure you read the ingredient list!

Can I go swimming?

You bet!  This is one of the benefits of extensions.  You can cool down in the pool, and not have to worry about looking like you’ve been ugly crying all afternoon with mascara streaming down your face.

Once the extension adhesive is cured, the lashes are essentially waterproof.  Keep in mind though that friction and excessive humidity and heat can affect the adhesive bond.  So if you’re doing cannon balls, high dives, hot tubs or laps, you probably won’t have the best retention.

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